Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tegaderm for Cheap Shoes, Dexcom G4 & Pump Peelz

Tegaderm + Cheap Shoes = Heaven

I was cruising through K-Mart the other day and found some super cute shoes for $7. Yeah, you heard me right. SEVEN BUCKS. They just happened to have one size 6 left.
I wore an outfit today that provided the perfect opportunity to wear these. The problem was that when I put them on and walked around, the back of the strap was rubbing my ankle. I was about to pop matching yes-I-bought-cheap-shoes bandaids on my ankles when all of a sudden it dawned on me that I had something better: TEGADERM!
I cut one in half, popped one half on the back of one ankle, the other on the back of the other ankle and I walked around ALL DAY LONG in complete comfort in my $7.00 shoes. I got several compliments on my cheap-o shoes and, thanks to tegaderm, nobody knew how cheap they really were.
You know the best part? If you're a size 9 and act fast, you, too, can own these for $3.99! $3.99?? Are you kidding me?? Don't forget the Tegaderm!

Dexcom7 G4: I'll give it a chance

The other great thing that happened today was that I found out Dexcom finally got FDA Approval for G4. My love affair with the G3 didn't last long. Why? Here's my top 5 reasons:
1. The 5 foot radius. Ridiculous. We spent more time out of range than in range, which I believe probably contributed to reason #2.
2. Inaccuracy. That thing was > 20% wrong > 75% of the time.
3. More finger pokes. Because of Reason #2.
4. More nagging. Because of Reason #1. I was constantly saying, "Ella - where's Dexa?"
5. More, rather than less, time managing/thinking about diabetes because of all of the above.
So I basically have a BRAND SPANKIN' new Dexcom G3 sitting in a box with a 3 month supply of sensors. So why the heck would I pay the $399 for the upgrade to the G4? Top 5 reasons:
1. 20 foot range
2. 19% improvement in overall 
3. 30% improvement in accuracy in the hypoglycemia range
4. Pretty color choices
5. 30-day trial
I placed my order for a pink one and I'm hoping we like it better than G3.
And really, if I continue saving money by buying cheap shoes, I'll eventually be able to pay it off. 
I suppose I'll have to wait a little longer for Hatsy. Sorry neighborhood kids. No snow cones for you.  

Pump Peelz

And finally...last, but not least (I just had SO MUCH to talk about today!): Pump Peelz.
Denise at My Sweet Bean and Her Pod posted about Pump Peelz.

We used to bling out Ella's pod with rhinestones and quickly learned her hair got caught in them. Then we moved on to stickers but they always fell off.

Then we started having issues with the pod sticking so now we wrap it in leg and arm bands.
Because of this issue, pump peelz aren't something we could use on a regular basis, but we can use them on special occasions!

Like Halloween. How cute would this be with Ella's Midnight Fairy Costume?

There are lots of other Holiday and Every Day Pump Peelz to choose from, so head on over and shop!

Remember: A Naked Omnipod is a Sad Omnipod.


  1. If I believed in heels, I'd be all over those size 9s!

    We are looking forward to the G4...trying to figure out the when part, but it will most likely be before the end of the year for sure!

    Naked Pod = Sad Pod...LOVE IT!!!

    have you tried skin prep to help them stick? works wonders for us.

  2. I have a cabinet full of products we've tried to get that bad boy to stick! We also have issues with rashes. So we now use hibacleanse and Skin Tac which is way stickier than Skin Prep. Still have to re-inforce the adhensive with Tegaderm and Hypafix tape and put an arm band on it. Ridiculous!

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  4. I'm so glad you found a nice alternative to wearing band aids with your shoes! Your shoes are so cute, even if they are painful. I've always been a fan of tegaderm clear wound dressing because it's so easy to wear it around clothes and accessories. I like that it sticks better than band aids do, too.

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