Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Patch - The highs and the lows

 Ella's been fighting a cough & sore throat.
According to her pediatrician, her right tonsil is "HUGE and red" but not strep.
So naturally we've been fighting high BGs.
Huge red tonsil aside, it was the first day Ella was feeling decent and it was the last day before Halloween for us to go to the pumpkin patch.
The girls had a great time picking out the "perfect pumpkin"...
Climbing the hay stack...

And getting lost in the hay maze.
So imagine my surprise when, after battling high BGs for the last several days, Ella says:
MOM - I'm STARVING and feel WEAK.
Meter count-down
When, oh WHEN will she start feeling low in the 60's ???
I shoved 3 Starbursts (Ella's current favorite low-buster) in her mouth and snapped this photo.
I think you can see the bulge of the starbursts in her cheeks if you look closely.

Disclaimer: I know I'm supposed to give her 15 carbs of fast-acting glucose. But I know my kid. I know my kid can fully chew and swallow and function at 35 - crazy, but true. And I know that 1 carb will bring her blood sugar up 10 bings. So 3 Starburst should have her sitting pretty somewhere around 135 - 160. This works for my kid. It may not work for yours.
And then she inhaled some stale Annie's bunny crackers that I had crammed in the back of my car from LAST YEAR's school emergency supply kit.
She was so ravenously hungry she didn't seem to mind.
I think she recovered quicker from the low than I did from the shock after learning the price of the pumpkins.
I'm sorry...is there a squash shortage I don't know about?
 Because $45 for 3 pumpkins and one spaghetti squash just seems outrageous to me.
But it's not like I'm going to make my kids cry in the middle of the pumpkin patch by tossing out the perfect pumpkins they spent over 20 minutes searching for to tell them start over just so Momma can save five bucks.  
 Really??? $45 ????
My kids had better bust out some serious carving skillz on these pumpkins.
And they'd better contain some tasty seeds, too.
And some punk kid had better not even THINK about smashing my $45 pumpkins tomorrow night.
Happy Halloween Eve.

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  1. WOW! I am so surprised that she is not more symptomatic with low blood sugars, you guys are amazing! And, YOU are SUPERMOM!