Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Homework & Diabetes

I love looking through Ella's Homework.
I love seeing what she does during the hours she's at school.
I love seeing how her mind works and her creative spelling.
Question: Write what might happen if people did not buy the vegetables Amy's family grows.
Ella: They would be poor.
Write to tell how you are a consumer.
Ella: We do not oen a compne.
Translation: We do not own a company.
She also writes a lot about diabetes.
She's never been a talker, so I often feel like I don't really know what's going on in her little head.
So I love seeing her write about diabetes on her school work because it gives me a little glimpse of how she's feeling about this whole diabetes thing.
This one made me smile:
This one made me laugh:
This one made me smile but also broke my heart
And this one? This one is surprising.
And I'm not talking about when she says the best part about her is that she has diabetes.
The surprising thing to me was that if she could choose to go anywhere in the world she'd choose to go to Mexico so she can collect "Mexican Dollars"
 I think a trip to Cabo San Lucas is necessary.


  1. I "act note somtimse" too. Love!
    "I tire of chekcing my blood sugar." = smooshed my heart.
    My girls are older and rarely talk about diabetes that I know of. I find the littlers fascinating with their openness.

  2. "blud"... My new favorite wurd!! Justin's not a talker either :( I think it's because he doesn't want to unload on me. Makes me sad. Glad you were able to get a glimpse into her mind :)

  3. 1. Name 3 different food groups that can increase a person chance of developing type 2 diabetes

    2. Name 5 serious health problems that a person can develop due to diabetes

    3. Name 3 things a person can do throughout their life in order to try to prevent the onset of diabetes


    1. Hi Stalina, I'm not sure what this comment truly means, but my daughter has TYPE 1 DIABETES. So, to answer your questions applicable to my daughter's TYPE 1 DIABETES:

      1. There are no food groups that can increase a person's chance of developing TYPE 1 DIABETES because it is an auto-immune disease.

      2. There are a lot of serious health problems that a person can develop due to UNCONTROLLED diabetes. However, my daughter's A1C is currently 6.9 and, as long as she takes care of her TYPE 1 DIABETES she will live a long, healthy, complication-free life.

      3. There is nothing a person can do throughout their life to prevent the onset of TYPE 1 DIABETES because it is an auto-immune disease.

      All the best,

    2. It's just spam to increase traffic to their site (see the link at the end?) It is a robot that pulls text from other diabetes sites to make it look like a legitimate comment and defeat the spam filters.

      I love Ella's writing! It make me happy when kids with diabetes misspell things related to their management - shows that diabetes is not running their lives and they are allowed to just be normal kids!

  4. Nice post, loved it. And I won't ask about food groups, lol.

  5. I laughed at this hard. We have 2 little people in our house who are doing exactly the same thing all the time. They write everywhere from walls to the fridge door. ha ha ha and they gave me handmade birthday cards which I kept 'til today :) Great post you have here. Actos lawsuit Info Center.