Thursday, October 4, 2012

Shave It

Now that the girls are both in school, we've been having a lot of ho-hum days around here.
Wake up
Get Ready for School
Holler at Kids to GET IN THE CAR....NOW!!!
Drop off kids at School
Drive to Work
Pick up Kids from School
Brush Teeth
Put Kids to Bed
Make Lunches
Pick up House
Watch an hour of mindless T.V.
Fall into Bed
Today I felt like I just couldn't stand another day of the same old normal routine. We needed some excitement. Something much less than a trip to Disneyland but much more than the old trick game called "let's see how many toys we can pick up in 10 minutes"
So we packed up the girls and headed to a place called Shave It - a snow cone shop that offers all flavored syrups in both sugar and non-sugar offerings. 
Both girls had HUGE snow cones topped with sugar-free Black Cherry syrup.  
They were so excited you would have thought we HAD taken them to Disneyland.
Which got me thinking...why the heck don't I have a snow cone bar at my house?
DD thinks I'm nuts, but I'm looking into getting a professional ice shaver and ordering up some snolite sugar-free syrups so that we can whip up tasty carb-free treets 24 hours a day.
I've got my eye on the Hatsuyuki Cube Ice Shaver HC-8E. With 1/3 HP Motor, this bad boy can shave 6 lbs of ice per minute. I'll call her Hatsy and charge the neighborhood kids $5.00 for a snow cone and donate all the proceeds to Faustman so she can find a cure for this damned disease. I'll invite all of our T1D friends over and let them go hog wild with snow cones as big as their faces.
I have so many grand plans for Hatsy.
Hatsy would look great wrapped up in a big, red bow under our Christmas Tree this year.
(Hint, Hint)


  1. We have a snow cone machine... It's more of a jr version though. I need to get on that $5 a cone thing.

  2. It's the little things that make our kiddos happy...and I love that!

    And, just sayin' that DD might be more inclined to say yes to Hatsy if he realized it could double as a source for blended drinks!! Was at a friends house and her blender broke...we totally got out the kid's ice shaver to make our needed refreshments for the evening!! :)

  3. Ha! This is awesome!

    I'd totally be in support of that idea if it wasn't for am awful incident when I was 8 that involved Disney on Ice, a blue snow cone, a minivan, and a neighbor's mink coat.