All About Us

Nicknames: E, El, Elle Bell, T1 Diabetic Diva
Birthday: May 24th
Likes: Singing, dancing, swimming, arts & crafts and playing dress-up.
Dislikes: Homework and cleaning
Favorite Singer: Adele
Favorite Movie: Rapunzel
Favorite Foods: Pizza, Chicken Nuggets, Mac n' Cheese, Broccoli, Ranch Dresing 

Nicknames: Liv, Livie Love
Birthday: December 15th
Likes: Dancing, swimming, playing dress-up, screaming and antagonizing her sister
Dislikes: Anything that isn't her idea of fun, wearing clothes, being still & quiet
Favorite Singer: Fresh Beat Band
Favorite Movie: Winnie the Poo
Favorite Foods: Pretty much anything you put in front of her

Nicknames: Kris, K
Birthday: June 14th (flag day!)
Anniversary: July 7th, 2001
Occupation: Clinical Research Study Manager (huh?)
Talents: Singing, Typing like the wind, organizing chaos & eating
Wishes she was better at: Cooking, making coffee & guessing a carb count

Nicknames: Clay, Tater-Tot, Domestic Divo
Birthday: September 19th
Anniversary: July 7th, 2001 
Occupation: Firefighter
Talents: Cooking, Drawing, Dancing to hip-hop & Parallel parking
Wishes he was better at: Singing

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