Monday, September 23, 2013

Sticky Jewelry and Give Away

(aka StickyJ)
Ella's Medic Alert was getting old and a bit tight thanks to the 10 pound weight gain since diagnosis (we finally hit the 50 lb mark - Yahoo!)
I was just thinking to myself that I needed to order Ella a new Medic Alert when I got an email from the owner of a personalized and medical jewelry company called StickyJ offering to send some samples for me to review.
The girls and I jumped on the computer and started looking at the website and had such a hard time picking out what we wanted because there were so many styles to choose from! Beaded, silicone, leather, sports, even macramé bracelets, tons of medic alert necklaces and numerous styles of ID tags (even shoe ID tags!) offered in different shapes and colors.
I really liked that many of their stainless steel medical children's bracelets are made of 316L surgical stainless steel which has increased resistance to chloride corrosion because Ella spends half of her life in the pool or bathtub and never takes her medic alert off.
I was also impressed with how reasonable the pricing was. For example, my daughters LOVE glow-in-the-dark bracelets. I saw this one on StickyJ's website for $22.95 which is almost identical to one offered at $44.95 elsewhere.
With prices like these, I can afford to order the girls bracelets to match any outfit as well as one for every holiday! And yes, I absolutely ordered one for Halloween that we found in the clearance section!!
 Customer Service was awesome. I sent in my order as well as the girls' actual wrist sizes. Thank goodness for Pat in Customer Service because she reviewed my order and then recommended different sizes for the bracelets as well as different shaped Medic ID tags that would better fit my daughters' small wrists.
I placed my order Sept 12th. Customer Service emailed me within 2 days and the complete order was shipped to my house by September 20th.
The girls were beyond excited to open up the package and find their jewelry in a pretty little red bag. I was impressed with the quality of the jewelry and the engraving. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the engraving came already filled in black.

How cute is this one? Found it in the Clearance section, too!
Livie's ID bracelet not only glows-in-the-dark but also has mood-changing beads!
The back side has her name and our cell phone numbers.
Sure beats writing your cell # on your kid's arm with a black sharpie when you go to Disneyland!
Ella picked a blue rubber bracelet with sterling silver hearts
Blue for diabetes and hearts because, well, she's a girly-girl.

I will absolutely be placing more orders through StickyJ in the future. I had such a wonderful experience getting to know the owner of the company as well as working with their Customer Service department. The quality is great and it's offered at a very reasonable price.
Plus you get free shipping on orders over $50 in the United States.
I'm a sucker for free shipping. the good stuff.
The Give-Away
One lucky reader will win a $50 gift certificate to Sticky Jewelry!
Since writing this blog is about as high-tech as I get, here's how it's going to go down:
1. Leave a comment with your favorite StickyJ item, get 1 entry
2. Like StickyJ's facebook page, comment that you did, and get another entry
3. Send a Tweet about @StickyJewelry, comment that you did, and get another entry 
 I'll leave it open until Friday at which point I will throw all of your entries into a jar and let Ella pick a name. I'll probably even throw a blind fold on her to make it official.
In the meantime, head on over to StickyJ and check out all that they offer - there's so much more than just Medic Alerts!
Best of Luck
Thanks to StickyJ for the opportunity to review the jewelry! So glad we found each other.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Summer 2013

I've been derelict in my blog-writing duties all summer.
So here's a quick snippet to get you caught up, with lots of photos to keep you interested.


Got a new Rock-Star room for her birthday...

Was a flower girl in Aunt Jessie's wedding...
(Yes, Livie was one, too)
 Went to Diabetes Camp ALL BY HERSELF...
(she SURIVED!!)

Cabin one Rocks!

Came home having had brushed her teeth twice and her hair once...

Got corn rows for the second session of camp...
(I know, I know, she'll kill me for doing this to her in about 5 years)
...with strict instructions to apply sunscreen and BRUSH TEETH daily...

 Caught her first fish while visiting Grandpa John & Grandma Suzie in Oregon...

and started THIRD GRADE!!
(Those are fashion glasses, not real glasses..a girl's gotta keep up with the trends)
We are still LOVING the Animas Ping. The ability to disconnect during all-day swim sessions is awesome.  Ella even tried a new site - her ARM!! - which helps us avoid rashes with more places available to rotate.
Discovered the delicious joy of sugar-free taffy at Diabetes Family Camp...
Enjoyed being spoiled rotten as an "only child" while Ella was a Diabetes Camp...
Tried fishing...
but decided it was more fun to snuggle with old Grandpa John instead...
And started 5 days-a-week, 8am to 3pm Preschool
(Can I get an Amen from the Mommas?)

I'm also thrilled to report that, despite her autoantibodies and abnormal OGTTs, her A1C is still rockin', her 2 hour postprandial numbers are well within the "normal" range and her fasting BG below 100.
Livie's Endo has told me to STOP WORRYING...
To only test if I suspect something and to do yearly blood labs.
We've completely quit TrialNet because it was too stressful and it's the best decision I've made since hearing the news.
Relished in how easy it was having an only-child while Ella was at Diabetes Camp the first time...

and then finally got smart and dropped Livie off with the Grandmas during Diabetes Camp Session Two and headed out to Palm Springs for a much-needed, adult-only, sleep-and-drink-and-food-and-love-filled getaway...
And while we didn't catch any fish in Oregon, we did manage to catch Bend's Annual Brewfest
Cheers to another "Screw you, Diabetes Summer o'Fun" !