Monday, September 24, 2012

TrialNet OGTT Results

As soon as I hit "publish" on my blog post about Livie's Oral Glucose Tolerance Test the phone rang with her results.
She has a slightly impaired Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (143 at 2 hours, less than 140 is normal) and is on the higher end of a normal HbA1c (5.6 - normal is between 3 and 6) which puts her in the moderate to high risk category.
This all means she will most likely develop T1D within the next 5 years and, unless her next OGTT is normal, she does not qualify for the oral insulin trial. Also means we get to repeat the super fun test in 3 months around her 3rd birthday and cross our fingers that it comes back normal so that she can qualify for the oral insulin trial.
Not good news, but expected. Doesn't make it any easier to hear.
When Ella was diagnosed, it was like I just hit rock bottom and the only place to go was up. I was able to climb out of the pit by getting the firsts out of the way and building up my confidence.
With Livie, it's more like I'm standing at the edge of the pit looking into it, knowing that at some point someone's going to come along and push me into it but I just don't know when. And I can't very well start climbing out of until I'm in it. It's a very weird place to be.
I'm so very thankful for the amazing support I'm receiving. I'm so very thankful that other Moms who are going through this, or who have gone through this, or who have or are going through worse are there to offer support.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your prayers, support and words of encouragement.
 It makes the pit look less dark. 


  1. I just found your blog from Lora's mention...YIKES on the results! If it helps you feel any better, I must say that in our house we have ALWAYS been that 1% that defies the odds! Hope for that 1% and just know that if/when the time comes you have the DOC to surround you with prayers!

  2. My heart just sank reading this. I'll pray that it never happens. This just reminds me of the bad memory of our 2nd diagnoses. I pray it never happens for you guys. Godspeed.