Sunday, October 14, 2012


I admit it.
I was getting a little too comfortable.
A little too cocky.
A little too big for my britches.
Ella's numbers had been cooperating. I think I actually said to Domestic Divo:
Huh. Weird. I don't think I've seen a number above 200 in a few days.
Then, last night, after a party full of carbs & cake, Ella was 148 at 9:00pm and I think I actually said to Domestic Divo:
Yeay. We rocked that one.
Then, at 11:00pm the madness started:
Omnipod said HIGH for the first time since diagnosis.
Well, hello there.

The accu-check gave us a number we could actually work with:
Now since this pod had been working beautifully for the past 2 day, I chalked it up to
and gave her an injection because she comes down quicker at night if I do an injection.
The rest of the night went like this:
1:00am: 299. Sweet. Another injection.
3:00am: 139. Sweet. Let it Ride
6:00am: 63. I'll take it. Pod MUST be working...a little too good...toss her a roll of smarties.
7:30am:  201. Hmmmm.... one roll of smarties shouldn't have brought her up THAT much.
Breakfast. Bolus.
9:13am: 305. Yeah....I think it's time to wave the white flag and do a pod change.
9:30am:  POD CHANGE
The rest of the day went like this:
I mean, really, have you ever seen such AWESOME numbers?
The 422 at 1:47pm I chalked up to:
Well, we MUST have accidentally been given the full sugar snow cone instead of the sugar free snow cone.
As obviously evidenced by the 370 a mere 1 hour later.
The correction MUST be working. This pod MUST WORK.
So imagine my surprise when, 2 hours post correction, she was back up to 436.
Again, I waved the white flag and admitted defeat. I told Ella we needed to do another pod change. She protested. I told her it was either a pod change or a Lantus injection. That seemed to work because she said:
POD Change. I will not Lantus Win!!
She hates Lantus.
And now, at 7:00pm, she's down to 330.
I never thought I'd be so happy to see 330.
Please let this pod change work.
I promise to never get cocky again.
I promise to never get too big for my britches again.
I promise that, despite a few good days of blood sugars, I will not forget that I am not the one in charge.
I promise to never forget that the second I do forget, diabetes will remind me by giving me this:

And I promise to remember to not beat myself up because...


  1. I've gotten a little big for my britches a few times too. D always puts you in your place.

  2. LOL, that story has been played out here a few times. Reminds me of Star Wars when Han Solo yells at Luke, "great kids, don't get cocky!" D sucks, no other way of saying it.

  3. What a bunch of suck. I just got done doing a little rage-bolusing over 10:00pm...because I'm a reealy smart.

    1. I have only rage bolused once...during a long car ride and she had the Dexcom on so I was feeling brave. Rage bolusing at 10:00pm takes a pro...someone who's been fighting the diabetes battle a lot longer than I have!

  4. My husband always rolls his eyes at my when I say something about how good Elise's numbers have been, then I add, "but I probably just jinxed it". And usually, I have. We have had some awful numbers here lately, so can can totally relate to how seeing those numbers make you want to scream. Here's hoping things turn around...soon!

    1. Seriously. I should also stop saying, "hey - these pants make me look thin" because I'm quite positive that's the reason why I've gained 5 pounds. Gawd I want a frozen yogurt right now.

  5. Days like that SUCK!!! SO frustrating when it takes multiple pod changes and/or injections to get our precious kiddos back in range...or even just to an 'acceptable high' number!

  6. Oh, oh, oh. Hope today was better, and that you're beginning to outgrow those britches again!

    1. I'm sure I will. I'll just think about awesome I am rather than vocalizing it :)