Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday Work Day

My yard was starting to look like Sanford & Son Salvage...less antiques, more junk...
So I declared today a Saturday Work Day. No one was exempt.
The littles helped sort recyclables:
While the bigs (well, mostly Domestic Divo) got to work on the rest of the yard which looked like this:
Side yard
Garden box that hasn't been planted in 3 years
The "where everything ends up" corner
Messy backyard
Messy back of house
And by 2:00pm, our Sanford and Son Backyard has now been replaced with:
And I've got photos to prove it:

Side Yard
Garden Box
The once previous disastrous corner

Clean Backyard
Clean Back of House
The girls even earned $22 cash for recycling all of those bottles & cans.
We decided to add it to our "Cash for Cure" jar.

Now that the yards are all cleaned up and all of the recycle containers empty, I guess this means I need to go drink something so we can earn more $$ for a cure.
Oh, the sacrifices I make.


  1. fabulous!! now get to work filling up those recycling containers!!

  2. lol, looks like a lot of beer and wine bottles. Glad you got your clean up done, ill be working on mine for a few more years.