Thursday, October 25, 2012

Screw You, Diabetes: We Did Disneyland

I posted a while ago about getting diabetes "firsts" out of the way during our first annual
Screw You, Diabetes Summer o'Fun
This past weekend we checked another "first" off of our list:
Over the summer, the family we went to Diabetes Camp at Camp Conrad Chinnock and had an amazing time.
Last Saturday night, the camp was hosting their annual fundraiser at the Disneyland Hotel Convention Center so we were able to get discounted conference rates to the Disneyland parks and the Disneyland hotel while raising money for a good cause.
We hit California Adventure on Friday. Ella's blood sugars ran in the 200's and 300's ALL DAY LONG (due to the excitement??) but it didn't stop us from having an amazing day.
Toy Story Mania
(I beat Domestic Divo with a whopping score of 240,000 hits & made him cry)
 Ready to ride the big Ferris Wheel

Next time I think I'll stand in the "non-swinging" gondola line.
And when Ella had a high blood sugar...
(don't you love when they wipe the blood on their clothes?)
...little sister Livie was there to give her a rest in the stroller.

Blood sugar at 330? No problem, sissy...take a rest. I'll push you.
Saturday day we decided to stay at the hotel and enjoy the remodeled pool area.
We love Mickey!
Exactly what is this kid doing?
And Saturday night we got gussied up to hit the Fundraiser Event
Where I didn't take very many pictures because the Jalapeno Cheese-filled pretzel I ate at Car Land on Friday didn't sit well with my stomach.
Yeah...I just admitted that.
In the end, we raised $200,000 to provide support & assistance for children and families affected with diabetes and to maintain the facility at Camp Conrad-Chinnock.
THAT, folks, is what it's all about.
Sunday we spent 14 exhausting magical hours at Disneyland where the kids hit every single Fantasy Land Ride and Ella discovered her love of roller coasters, experiencing Big Thunder Mountain and Matterhorn for the first (and second...and third...and fourth) time.
 Popsicle so cold my tongue froze to it...but I'm still smiling!
 31 Carbs of Deliciousness
 13th hour and still going strong...
I think we finally wore them out!
So there you have it, folks, the continuation of our "Screw You, Diabetes Summer o'Fun"
And yeah, we rocked it. And yeah, we had some high blood sugars. But look at the JOY on their little faces. Diabetes will NEVER take away that joy. Not as long as I'm alive.
In case you're keeping track, still on our list:
  • First trip to pumpkin patch (on the books for next week!)
  • First Halloween Candy Fun (October 31st, here we come!)
  • First Water Park Adventure...ummm...does the Disneyland slide count? No?
  • First Christmas Cookie Eating (December's right around the corner)
  • First trip to the snow/ski school (Booked! December 8th with Riding on Insulin)
  • First Sleep-over....ummmm....maybe 2013?


  1. Looks like a great day!

    We went to Disney World this summer for one day and even though we had a high and a low, it was still magical :)

  2. Love this! Looks like you guys had a great time!

  3. Cool pics and awesome post! Have you ever attended Friends For Life in Florida, we plan on going again this year! Hope we can meet your family there.

    1. Yes! We went last year - it was a few months after dx, so we kind of just kept to ourselves and took it all in. Next year I plan on being way more social. Look forward to meeting you & your family!

  4. So awesome!

    I grew up right by Disneyland - so much fun!

    You gotta teach that girl to at least LICK her finger before she wipes! :D

  5. Fun! Haha I run really low when I'm excited... Weird! I still need to do Disneyland haven't since before dx, but I've done other stuff :) Glad you guys had a great time! (And btw Camp Conrad Chinnock is great, I went to teen camp :D)