Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cans for a Cure Success!

Last November I posted about our Cans for a Cure (aka Drinking for Diabetes) Drive.
Well, Domestic Divo finally got around to sorting & bringing the cans to the recycle center.
Before I tell you our grand total, here's a little photo timeline:
2nd week of November
3rd week of November
End of November
My lovely, once clean, sideyard

Aerial View
Ella, helping Daddy sort...
...and earning her keep.
First trip to the recycle center

Second trip to the recycle center
And the grand total, please....
$300 !!!
Well, $300 plus change but I let Ella keep the change for her dedication & hard work.
What's really awesome is that my company will 100% match which means we can turn that $300 into
$600 !!!
600 smacks to be divided between 3 different diabetes research organizations.
We're thrilled that this was such a success.
So thrilled that I mentioned to Domestic Divo tonight that we should do this again next year.
I'm not so sure he's convinced seeing as how he was the one who really did most (OK...almost all) of the work sorting and hauling it down to the recycle center.
He laughed and sarcastically mentioned as long as he doesn't contract MRSA he may consider doing it again.
So start drinking people - next November will be here before you know it.