Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sick Days are Here Again

Sing with me now...
So long healthy times,
go long good times
We are rid of you at last
Howdy sick times,
Decent blood sugars,
You are now a thing of the past

Sick days are here again
We are sleep-deprived again
So drink another cup of coffee again
Sick days are here again

Yes, folks, that's right.
That nasty cough + fever that lasts FOREVER decided to visit us.
I knew it...I just knew it...when Ella started popping blood sugars in the 300's last week.
3 days later she was hacking & snuffling and running a fever.
We started out all nambly-pambly with running a temp basal of +35%.
Diabetes laughed at us.
That's some ugly-lookin' BGs right there
So I finally put on my big-girl pants and cranked that temp basal up to +95% ALL DAY LONG plus an extra 0.25u (we like to say it's "for the homies" because it makes us laugh. Don't ask me why) with every single bolus.
I am so thankful to have the DexG4  because I would be scared poopless to be pumping this much extra insulin into her body without being able to see what it's doing.
I am AMAZED at how much extra insulin she needs to fight whatever it is she has going on.
Even with all of this extra insulin, her blood sugars look like the landscape of Magic Mountain:
Landscape Photo of Magic Mountain:
Ella's 12-hour Blood Sugars Today:
And then, just to mess with me even more, she's high all day and low all night.
And I run her normal basal rate at night.
Riddle me that one.
Here's hoping those antibiotics kick in soon...
So we can get some decent numbers during the day...
And some decent sleep at night....
So that Happy Days will be here again.
Stay healthy, people.
As always, this should NOT be used as medical advice.
For the love of Domestic Divo please do not run a +95% temp basal + give extra insulin for the homies just because it half-way works for us.

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