Tuesday, January 22, 2013

366 days ago...

527,040 minutes
how do you measure, measure Leap Year?
Blood sugar checks, at sunset, at midnight, and cups of coffee.
In BGs, in A1Cs, in laughter, in tears.
In 527,040 minutes - how do you measure
Ella's first year?
366 days ago...
I watched my daughter drink & drink & drink & drink...
and go to the bathroom again and again and again and again.
366 days ago...
My good friends encouraged me to take her to the doctor on Monday...
because it could be serious.
366 days ago...
My daughter told me she was so thirsty she couldn't breathe...
and I pushed back the thought of diabetes.
366 days ago...
She slept in my bed...
because she'd already wet her bed...twice...
and I prayed...
Please, God, please don't let it be diabetes.
366 days ago was the last day my daughter did not officially have Type 1 Diabetes.
Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the date of her diagnosis.
Her One Year Diaversary
Tomorrow we will celebrate the fact that she is healthier now than she was 366 days ago.
That she is alive because we recognized the symptoms.
And because ~90 years ago insulin was discovered.
Tomorrow we choose to celebrate the good.
The amazing friends & memories we made over the past 366 days because of diabetes.
Ella has requested mac n'cheese, pizza & hot dogs for dinner.
So that's what she's getting...
even if it means I have to stay up until midnight correcting her.
Tomorrow we celebrate 527,040 minutes of LIVING with Type 1 Diabetes.
We survived our first year.
And we rocked it...
with style.
Even with that one extra day tossed in there thanks to Leap Year.


  1. Cute pic... love the smile! Hope she has a great day and enjoys her dinner!

    1. Dinner was awesome! 75 carbs of pizza, pasta, bread & ice cream and 2 hours later she was 81. I told Domestic Divo to let it ride because I KNOW that post pizza/pasta spike is going to hit around 11:00pm. Year one done. yeah! Take that, diabetes!

  2. Celebrate for sure!! The first year dx for my Maddison was definetly the hardest in many ways, but also gave me a greater appreciation of how far we had come those first months and instilled a sense of pride for her, and me. ((HUGS)) You are awesome managing this new life! Hope you have a great day to reflect on triumphs and the beauty of INSULIN!!!

  3. We had an amazing day. Full of fun & laughter & joy & celebration. So glad to have this past year behind us.