Monday, November 12, 2012

Drinking for Diabetes

November is Diabetes Awareness Month.
I was not aware of this last year.
This time last year my biggest challenge was trying to get Livie to not eat paint...
or trying to convince Domestic Divo to shave off the Mostache he grew for Movember.
In case you're wondering, YES, he's growing it again this year and would love any support...
But this year I am all too aware that November is Diabetes Awareness Month.
Inspired by the fun time (I'm not kidding - the girls thought it was a blast) the girls had during our backyard clean-up day and the sheer giddiness they experienced getting paid $22 for recycling our glass, aluminum and plastic beverage containers, Ella decided to raise awareness locally while at the same time raising money for Diabetes Research by promoting what we are calling
Where we ask people to DRINK UP, save their recyclable beverage containers and give them to us. At the end of the month we'll sort them, take them to the recycle center and donate the money to a Diabetes Research Organization of our choice. We haven't settled on one yet...there are just so many out there we want to support...feel free to leave your suggestions and reasons why.
We made up some flyers and hit the neighborhood. Not only did we educate a lot of people about Type 1 Diabetes, but we also met a lot of super cool people that live right down the street from us. One lady even invited us in and showed us lots of photos of her family and grandkids and said she would recruit them to start saving cans for us, too!
We've also shared this with local family, friends, co-workers and facebook contacts and have collected several HUGE bags and have been promised lots more.
I can't WAIT to see my side yard FULL of bags of stinking old beer & soda cans at the end of the month.
I mean, really, what better reason to DRINK UP than DIABETES?
Even if it is just a Diet Coke.


  1. Cans for a Cure is an AWESOME idea! We have been running out of creative ideas over the years :(

  2. Such a great idea!

    And now I'll be humming that song all day, thanks! ;)

    Oh, and as long as it's for a good cause, DD can grow that 'stache...oh my!

  3. Great idea! I like so many drinks that come in cans.

  4. I imagine I could donate a few cans of Diet Coke to the mix. Ask anyone, I don't drink many at all. Really. :-)