Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 14th: World Diabetes Day

Last year on this day I didn't know that...
  • Frederick Banting discovered Insulin
  • November was diabetes awareness month
  • November 14th was World Diabetes Day
  • Blue was the official diabetes color
  • A blue circle was the international symbol for diabetes
  • My daughter would be diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 70 days
I've learned a lot in 11 months.
One of the favorite things I've learned is how to make diabetes fun & special for Ella.
So here's how we did our very first World Diabetes Day.
Last night Ella stayed up late decorating postcards for World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange.
I put Domestic Divo & his mostache to work, too.
 Ella found and used every single rhinestone in our craft drawer. Each postcard got gaudier glitzier and glitzier until I'm pretty sure the last one weighed at least a pound.
By the way - if by some miracle you happen to read this blog AND you are the recipient of one of these beauties, please leave me a comment because that would be awesome.
First thing this morning we mailed our postcards. The people at the post office assured us they would make it through, rhinestones and all. Then they charged us more for the super glitzy one.
I wore blue from head-to-toe and slapped blue ribbons on Ella & Livie.
If you ask Livie what it stands for, she'll tell you it's to celebrate Ella's Diabetes.
You rock, Livie.
I snapped this photo of me in my office wearing blue and posted it for this special little girl we met at diabetes camp - Julia - hope you felt the blue love!!!
After work, I grabbed a bouquet of flowers for Ella and picked up a pack of  Pillsbury Crescent Rolls to go along with dinner.
This doesn't sound like much to you, but Ella used to love to eat Pillsbury Crescent Rolls filled with chocolate chips.
She hasn't had one since diagnosis.
After dinner we watched "This is America, Charlie Brown."
Next year I hope to do more.
Next year I hope to be organized enough to get Ella's school involved with wearing blue.
Next year I hope to do an activity with her classmates and educate them about Diabetes.
Next year I will ask all of my friends & family members to wear blue and send photos to Ella throughout the day.
Next year I'll do more.
But this year...our first year...
just seeing the smile on Ella's face holding a bouquet of yellow tulips (draped in her arms like Ms America) and how she gleefully shoved two 16-carb-each chocolate-filled refined flour crescent rolls in her mouth...
well, that was enough for me. 
More importantly, it was enough for her.  


  1. It's the little crescent rolls...that make days like this special for our girls!

    Last year, we sported blue nail polish and that was about it.
    This year, we got her class involved.
    Next year, I'd love to expand to the whole school.

    Baby steps will get us there!!

  2. Your day sounds like it was great! I'm in High School, so I didn't really do much (and I was home after crazy bg night and being super tired) But I wore blue and had a blue circle on my hand :) And I love that Livie is so positive :) Have a fun rest of your D month!

  3. I think I need to make those crescent rolls now. Actually Kim (Texting My Pancreas) got me into doing something similar. Nutella and bits of banana inside the crescent roll dough. Yum!

    Can't wait to hear updates on those postcards. I put mine in envelopes to make sure they would make it! :D