Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Christmas officially arrived at the McMomma House on Thanksgiving resulting in a new holiday:
I finally gave in this year and figured everyone else does it, I might as well join in.
We have a fake tree (I'm a practical gal if you haven't figured that out already) so we popped that bad boy up the morning of Thanksgiving and I hung up a snow berry wreath scented ornament for all of you out there whose immediate response was:
But what about the SMELL???
As far as experience, my kids think a pop-up pre-lit tree is way cool. Maybe all of you out there who drag your kids to a real Christmas Tree farm are the ones missing the fake tree experience.
Ever think about that?
She can decorate and throw sass at the same time
Thanksgristmas Outfits

And then it was time to give thanks...by wearing politically incorrect paper feathered headdresses, painted macaroni noodle necklaces and eating way too much turkey.
My girls have yet to appreciate Thanksgiving food, so it was pretty easy to bolus for a dinner consisting of olives, cucumbers, turkey, grapes and frozen peas. YUM.

I'm thankful for an awesome wife...and my ability to grow facial hair.
 I'm thankful for Tickles who caught multiple mystery lows Thanksgiving week...and that Movember is almost over.
I'm thankful for frozen peas and diet Hansen's soda...and that Movember is almost over.
I'm thankful for raisins...and that Movember is almost over.
 In all seriousness, what am I thankful for? Well, in addition to what I've mentioned before, I'm thankful that we're on THIS side of the year...10 months into life with diabetes and not on the other side of the year...brand new to diabetes and overwhelmed by the enormity of it all.
To wrap up the Thanksgristmas season, we made salt dough ornaments COVERED in glitter.
Which made an absolute mess.

She's very careful with the placement of glue
Livie is not so careful...with anything...here she is shaking the glitter off of her cookie and onto the floor that Domestic Divo had just cleaned...it also somehow ended up in her hair...and pretty much all over her...
But the finished product made it all worth it.

Home-made gifts are the best, I say. Especially when they leave little bits of glitter around that remind you of the holiday season all year long.


  1. Cute ornaments! We're one of those crazy families that drags their kiddos to cut down a live tree. Actually, we love it. Thankfully the kids do too. Unfortunately, it's usually 80 degrees the day we go do it. Kinda ruins the experience a little.

  2. My plan is to undecorate the tree that has been up all year (don't ask...well, you can ask Ubergeek, it's his fault!) and redecorate with new, all blue ornaments this weekend. Thinking of doing the glitter inside the clear balls thing, so we'll be all glittered up around here, too!

  3. beautiful ornaments! looks like the fun of cookie decorating without the downer of bolusing.

    i hope you'll post a picture of poor mr. mcmomma post-shave.