Friday, December 14, 2012

December 14th

Tonight is the eve of Livie's 3rd birthday.
Tonight I hugged my kids a little tighter.
Tonight I was thankful that it's "just diabetes".
Tonight I put together Livie's 3rd birthday video and shed a lot of tears,
Tears over all we've been through and all we've accomplished this past year.
Tears over not knowing if she'll remain diabetes-free in future photos.
Tears because the time is going by too fast.
But mostly tears for the children who are no longer with us and will never see another birthday again.
It was very bittersweet making this video tonight.
Happy 3rd Birthday, my Livie Love.

The professional photos in this video were taken by a photographer who's grown to become my friend, Amy Fink at Belliveau Photography.

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