Monday, July 23, 2012

Pampered Pedis & Tingly Tongues

I'm not a big fan of California, but once in a while we get weather that justifies the inflated mortgage prices, high taxes and "first to worst" public schools. This weekend was one of those weekends.

Ella and I spent some Mom/daughter time getting manis/pedis. After having worn flip-flops for the past 2 weeks, my feet were an absolute disaster so I paid the extra $7.00 for callous removal. This is when they bust out the dremel tool, known for its ability to carve stone, rocks, glass, granite and...nasty feet... and when they're done, they proudly show you all of the skin they have removed.

Yes, thank you. I know I'm gross.

With our newly pampered tootsies, we decided to hit up 7-11 and try out their sugar-free slurpee.

Disclaimer: I'm going to completely ignore the need to defend why I choose to give my child the sugar-free sucralose version versus the full-sugar High Fructose Corn Syrup version. If you're of the opposite opinion, please don't judge me. Or go ahead and judge me, but do so within the silence of your head.

Here's the kicker: Ella has never, in her 7 years on this earth, had a 7-11 slurpee. I know. What kind of Mom am I?? So I suppose it was time.

 There are 2 sugar-free flavors: Mango and Strawberry Banana. Lucky for us, Strawberry Banana was the flavor of the day. Nutritional info says 8 CHO in an 8 oz serving..and 5 grams of fiber...really? Fiber in a slurpee? Ella was in range at around 130 pre-slurpee so I dosed her 8 CHO for a 9oz serving and let her have at it.

"'s good. Tingly on my tongue."

 2 hours later she was sixty-something. Perhaps next time we'll try out the 12oz cup. I suppose we'll just have to keep going to 7-11 on a daily basis until we figure out the perfect insulin-to-slurpee ratio. Oh, the sacrifices we make in the name of science.  


  1. Try dosing for 1/2 the carbs? When it's something like sugar alcohols (I'm assuming that's the carbs it has?!?) I think the rule of thumb I've been given is 1/2. Or if you're being active skip the dose!

  2. The smile on her face says it all--it was the perfect delight; sugar free or not!

  3. Yes, we all must suffer from time to time in the name of research! ;)

    I got to indulge in a wonderful pedi with my mother and sister while we were in Atlanta. Thankfully the blisters from FFL had healed!!

  4. I haven't had a Slurpee in over 20 years after an unfortunate incident with a blue one and a neighbor's mink coat on the way home from Disney on Ice. But every time someone posts about these new 7-11 options, I am tempted to try again.

  5. Looks like she loved it! It's about a billion degrees here today... A slurpee sounds wonderful.

  6. Love this post because we are a slurpee family! We prefer the sugar free ones as well. :-) I have been SO curious about dosing for these because Natalie has enjoyed the sugar free ones since her dx 2 years ago and I've even wanted to do a blog post about it. At first I dosed about 5 carbs for the smallest cup and she was ALWAYS low after (this was for the crystal light slurpees, not the latest fanta ones). So I finally stopped counting anything for them and what do you high or low. I then tested by checking her before drinking some, letting her drink some on the way home and re-checking...sure enough she had either stayed the same or gone down some. I did notice that about the fiber as well on the ones they are selling now....I'm wondering if they are including sugar alcohols in the fiber line which then we usually deduct half the sugar alcohols. So far I have not counted anything for them though and haven't noticed a problem.