Thursday, July 26, 2012

Let it Ride

It was a red Wednesday which means that Mimi was watching the girls while Domestic Divo and I were at work.

I fed the girls breakfast around 8am - whole wheat cinnamon toast & strawberries
(sprinkled with ground flax seed, of course!) - before heading out.

Around 10:30am, Ella checked her sugars and she was 170-something and not hungry for a snack.

"Let it Ride, Mimi, Let it Ride"

And so, even though it was more than 2 hours after her last dose and she was slightly of range, Ella made the decision to not give herself a correction, but to let it ride. And good thing, too, because at 12:30pm she was low...and happily downed a QuickStick.

 Lessons Learned:

1. I can trust Ella more than I think I can when it comes to her diabetic care

2. Let it Ride is a 1989 film starring Richard Dreyfuss and, from what I can tell, would make a great rental 

3. I either need to do some adjustments to her morning basal rate OR force her to eat a snack around 10am regardless of whether she's hungry or not!



  1. Damn, that girl is GOOD! Proof that her mama has some seriously rockin' pancreatic skillz!!

  2. Replies
    1. Lesson 5. Remember to log out of my google account after using Mimi's computer