Monday, February 4, 2013

Diabetes Art Day 2013

I was sick all weekend...cough, sniffles, the usual common cold.
But nothing could stop the McMomma family from participating in...
Livie decided that this year, she would use paper AND her body as a medium of art...

Ella made her normal glittery mess...

Momma rocked the glue gun...

The girls destroyed the kitchen counter and floors...

And we all had a boat load of fun.

My "Kiss a Diabetic"
I just might make my "Kiss a T1D" design into a t-shirt and wear it to all of our D-related events.
Let me kow if you want in on it. We can make t-shirts, sweatshirts, bootie pants...
I have to give credit where credit is due...I came up with the concept & design.
Domestic Divo drew the bunny. I colored it. 

Ella's explosion
If you look closely, she wrote, "Diabetics are never dead!" with skulls & crossbone stickers. I believe this is meant to be inspirational. She also included "angels are always with them!" with angel stickers, so there you go.

Livie's Hot Mess
No explanation needed. 



  1. Haha too cute! I haven't been keeping up much with the DOC, and I totally forgot to upload my pictures! Those are adorable!

  2. Hope you're feeling better by now! I love all of the art projects! Way to go you guys!