Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sacrifices for S'mores

I LOVE Summer.

I love that it doesn't get dark until 9:00pm.
I love that I don't have to pack a school lunch.
I love not having to rush the kids off to school in the morning.
I love wearing tank tops.
I love spending long, lazy days lounging in the pool.
I love spending nights around the fire pit in the backyard with my family.
And I love making the perfect S'more.

After Ella was diagnosed, I went a little...crazy. Mental, looney-tunes, cuckoo, bonkers...yup, they all fit. And rightfully so, I say. In a grief-stricken rage, I went through my house and rid the place of anything and everything that was packaged, made with white flour or contained sugar.

Mother Hubbard, the Cupboards were bare.

As I started coming out of my diagnosis delirium, I slowly started allowing these previously forbidden items back into the house...but we had yet to invite back marshmallows until one beautiful summer night last week when Ella asked:

Mom: Can we make S'mores?

And I thought, "Why the heck not?" I was feeling daring. Like...yeah...I got this...

Domestic Divo hit the store and came home with fresh graham crackers, Hershey's chocolate and big, fat, soft, fresh marshmallows - Jet-Puffed..America's Favorite. We figured out the carbs for each S'more ingredient and let Ella have at it. Usually I'm a real stickler when it comes to stuff like this, but like I said, I was feeling adventurous.

Admission: I am a S'mores snob.

I like my marshmallows to be lightly brown on all sides - if it catches fire or gets any hint of dark brown, I toss it and start over.

I also like my chocolate to be slightly melted so while I am diligently turning and toasting my marshmallow over the flames, I rest my chocolate on the graham cracker near the fire in order to get it nice and warm and melty.
So there I was - feeling on top of the world. My kid had been dosed up for 48 carbs of fast-acting sugary goodness, my marshmallow was browned to perfection and my chocolate was at the perfect stage of meltiness.

As I bent down to pull my cracker/chocolate from the fire, the wind shifted and the flames literally shot up in my face.

WOAH - You OK?

asked Domestic Divo
(henceforth referred to as DDVO)

I immediately smelled burnt hair.

But I could still see, so I took that as a good sign.

Me: I think I burnt my eyelashes off!
DDVO: Lemme see...uhhh,yeah...and some of your eyebrows, too
Me: Crap - are they gonna grow back?
DDVO: Oh, sure....yeah....sure....uh-huh.

Feeling satisfied that my ridiculously short eyelashes and half-burnt eyebrows were a temporary nuisance
(I did not take DDVO's word for it - googled it),
I resumed my S'more activities and I think the results were well worth a few lost lashes.

And 2 hours post massive marshmallow & S'more consumption, Ella's BG was 94.

Where you at, Diabetes?
Yeah, Take THAT.

I mean, really, who needs eyelashes anyhow?

Diabetes has requested a re-match this upcoming Saturday at a birthday party where it will hit me with ice cream sundaes, candy necklaces and cotton candy...
all of which I have not yet conquered post diagnosis.

I look forward to the challenge.


  1. We love smores around the fire pit too. If you are a Reeses peanut butter cup fan, try using them instead of Hershey's. Total game changer. So yummy!

  2. Bean's first s'mores post dx were when we went camping 1 month after dx...yeah, we're crazy like that! She needed them to treat massive activity lows, so no need for an extra shot.
    She's been a s'more enjoyer ever since and honestly prefers just the marshmallow...messier that way! ;)
    Oh, and I'm totally with you on the golden brown-ness of the marshmallow! I've been known to pawn off 'not up to my standards' marshmallows on random kids around the fire!

    I know you'll kick D's butt tomorrow...and even if El's BG post party isn't in range, you'll still be a winner because she WENT to the party and ATE whatever she wanted!
    Life WITH not life IS!!! :)

  3. I'm with you on the golden brown - my niece and nephews like to set them on fire and it drives me a little batty that they are "ruining" the marshmallows!

    I had a s'more the way that Diane describes above for the first time this summer. I have no words for how delicious it is!!! Try it!!!

  4. We did the same thing when we got home from the hospital, the nurses had us so freaked out, and then we went to Disneyworld 2 months after diagnosis and our doctor told us to let S just be a boy and enjoy and give him extra insulin to cover for the yummy food. So we did..and the world didn't fall apart and I realized that we could do this without having to make such drastic modifications. We love s'mores. They are really good if you put them on the chocolate striped shortbread cookies...mmm. :)

  5. I think this is my first time commenting here. I love your blog!

    I would like to say this about s'mores: I eat just the Hershey bar. Maybe with a graham cracker for health. I find the marshmallow just dilutes the chocolate.

    And this: what the heck kind of crazy nickles on fire are you cooking with over there?

    And this: you have such good energy. It is infectious! Thank you for writing.